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WATCH! ILM’s Hal Hickel Talk – on Creating Believable Giant Robot/Creature Performances and Collaboration – With BONUS: PACIFIC RIM Pipeline Special

Great for Animators and Animation Enthusiasts alike;  ILM‘s Animation Supervisor for  PACIFIC RIM,  Hal Hickel, talks about inspiration, the creative process, and creating believable performances with a sense of size, weight, scale, and a bit of style. As well as what it was like to collaborate with Director Guillermo del Toro… ~ Enjoy! Filmed during…

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WATCH! – Behind the Magic Collection: The VFX of “Pacific Rim”

Awesome PACIFIC RIM: VFX breakdowns from Industrial Light & Magic, showcasing… giant mech warriors waging war… against giant epic monster invaders.  For over 2 years the team at Industrial Light & Magic in San Francisco, Singapore and Vancouver, in collaboration with Rodeo FX, Miranda Studio, Legacy Effects, and others, worked tirelessly to bring Guillermo del…


ILM tour with Shawn Kelly!

  Congratulations to Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) for winning Best Animated Feature Film at last night’s Academy Awards / Oscars, on their very first fully-animated feature film, Rango.   Now, come along with EPIX as we get an exclusive tour of George Lucas‘ visual effects mecca, Industrial Light & Magic. Senior Animator, (and co-founder…


Rango – CG Breakdowns and a Look Behind the Magic

Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) has posted some really cool breakdowns of their first fully-animated feature film, Rango. Winner! and nominated for… Best Animated Film 2011 by every film awards group going. Click the player, and enjoy the videos: The Animation & Effects of ‘Rango’ Behind the Magic: The Characters of ‘Rango’ Behind the Magic:…


Transformers: Dark of the Moon – CG Breakdowns and a Look Behind the Magic

Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) has posted some really cool breakdowns of the live-action, science fiction, action, special-effects-extravaganza feature film, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. (Originally based on a toy line from Hasbro) Nominated, by a number of film awards groups, for… Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Editing, and Best Science Fiction…


VW Combines Internet’s Two Favorite Things!!!

Volkswagen’s “The Force” was hands-down the best commercial of Super Bowl 2011.   Now VW combines two of the Internet’s favorite things: Star Wars and adorable animals. If this isn’t tailor-made for going viral, I don’t know what is. Enjoy the videos: The Bark Side: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Teaser The Dog Strikes Back: 2012…


Studio Profile : Character Animation inside ILM

Maia Kayser is a Lead Character Animator at ILM. In this studio profile video, we travel to the Presidio in San Francisco to Industrial Light & Magic to see what it is like to be a woman doing digital character animation in films such as Rango. Click the player, and enjoy the video: Click here…