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Toy Story 3 – ‘SPANISH BUZZ’

I really enjoyed Disney/Pixar’s “Toy Story 3”, and one of the character performances that I loved most was that of the character “Spanish Buzz”, and an incredible dance sequence in which Buzz Lightyear takes Jessie the Cowgirl’s hand and dances the Paso Doble.   For Pixar’s animators to ensure that the duo’s Paso Doble was…

Mr. Peanut speaks for the first time– and he sounds a lot like Iron Man

Kraft Foods (Planter’s parent) launches their new “Naturally Remarkable” campaign, in which they attempt to modernize the face of the brand by updating Mr. Peanut’s wardrobe, some fun stop-motion action, and giving him a voice for the first time in 94 years— check it out. Watch this video now: