Just for fun… Rock,… Paper,… SHOTGUN!…  If Metal Slug, Mario, and Michael Bay had a baby… it would be named BROFORCE!!!

  Checkout this trailer, put together by Kert Gartner, for an insane 2D side-scroller video game, which appears to be big, stupid, fun of the highest order.  In the style of 80’s & 90’s action-movie-hero awesomeness, full of a wide variety of excessive-force featuring such characters as Rambro, Brobocop, Indiana Brones, Chuck Frickin’ Norris, Bronan… you get the picture… Sure to amuse the Bro in everyone, Cape Town indie developers Free Lives and rogue publisher Devolver Digital join forces to bring you BROFORCE!


BROOOOOOOFORRRRRRCE! — Hold down your trigger finger, yelling “‘Murica!” while you apply excessive force:  If you like the trailer, you can play the brototype at:

Pixar’s Presto | Doug Sweetland – INTERVIEW – ANIMATIC & SHORT FILM

Pixar’s Presto is as perfect an homage to classic Hollywood cartoons as could be – fast paced, strong poses, appealing characters and visual gags, charming and original – pure awesome from frame one.  Directed by Doug Sweetland, Pixar veteran, award winning animator and academy award nominated director.  Doug Sweetland talks about the making of the short film Presto…


NOW… a… SPECIAL TREAT… Here is a ‘rough’ story-ideas-animatic which includes a number of ideas not seen in the final version, done in almost a story pitch style.

And now… here is the ‘final’ animatic
(It would be great to see more stuff like this on the Pixar DVDs)

Now… here is… the film…


Pixar re-used the same theater in the very beginning of their feature film UP 
– when you see Young Carl Fredricksen sitting in the theater watching the news reels of Charles Muntz’s adventures.

EXTRA Bonus Feature!
The music of Presto
Scot Stafford says a quick word about the musical themes and general approach to scoring Presto…


Shown in theaters before Pixar’s 2008 feature length film WALL-E.


This is all kinds of awesome – thought I’d share for fun… Great reference for animation body mechanics and body language…   The acrobaticalist ninja action heroes, NANDA, perform a well choreographed slow motion ninja fight as a crowd teaser for their upcoming touring show, “The Jacket” at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.   Enjoy! “NANDA…