Watch 40 Years of Memorable VFX Magic in Less Than 5 Minutes

Celebrating the evolution and growth of the art of VFX, here is a mash-up of footage from every single winner of the Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects since 1977, beginning with Star Wars: Episode IV, viewers are taken through 37 years of special effects in less than five minutes — finishing with Gravity, Star Trek Into Darkness, The Lone Ranger, Iron Man 3, and The Hobbit, this year’s nominees.

Conceived and Edited by Nelson Carvajal
Music: “Time” by Hans Zimmer


Special effects of course predate “Star Wars” by several decades — most historians credit Frenchman George Méliès with the first major breakthroughs in the technique, circa 1902.  Méliès’ most famous film, the silent short A Trip to the Moon, used a range of tricks — from clay models to projector-rigged cameras — to recount a fantastical Victorian journey through space.  Our depictions of space have become, well, a bit more sophisticated since then…



Happy Valentine’s to you and yours.

Here are some fun videos…
Enjoy the videos:
Doug Chang: A very Vimeo Valentine

Kina Grannis: Valentine

Fall Out Boy: The Carpal Tunnel of Love
(Viewer Discretion Is Advised)

Field Notes: Red Blooded

Ben Schwartz: Valentine’s Break Up


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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!! — Here is a look back at the films of 2011…

… laughs, loves, epic battles, tears, and the moments in-between.  Films have the power to entertain, inform, and inspire… Here’s a look back at what brought us together this past year.

  Enjoy the videos: 
Filmography 2011 – by Gen I.

Cinema 2011 – by Kess van Dijkhuizen

2011: The Cinescape – by Schnappy Productions

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The films of… (Part #2)

Editor Kess van Dijkhuizen Jr. has just finished his 12-part [the films of] collection.  I’ve previously posted the first half, (click here to see post),  now here is the next half… showcasing footage from some of the most beloved cinematic directors and their films…

Enjoy the videos:
(WARNING: Some scenes may not be appropriate for all ages and contain coarse language, and/or extreme violence)
[the films of] Steven Spielberg

[the films of] Ridley Scott

[the films of] Christopher Nolan

[the films of] Baz Luhrmann

[the films of] Michel Gondry 

[the films of] Tim Burton

Bonus Feature:
Here is another tribute, this time from editor Joel Walden…

Enjoy the video:
[the films of] Edgar Wright

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