SHORT FILM: Batman of Shanghai!

  Produced by Chinese animation studio Wolf Smoke, Cartoon Network’s DC Nation presents Batman of Shanghai – The Destiny Scroll a unique re-imagining of the Batman universe in a heavily stylized form, set in a 1930’s era Shanghai – check it out.

“We did key frames on paper first then used vector software to do the between frames and color painting.”


ANDREW STANTON: Animation Mentor Commencement Speech 2012

Insightful inspiration and some shrewd advice about the life of an Animator.  If you are an Animator of any kind, you NEED to watch this. WALL-E, Toy Story, John Carter, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, and more… Pixar’s Andrew Stanton addresses Animation Mentor’s Summer 2012 Graduates – check it out… Enjoy! Animation Mentor, of which I am…

SHORT FILM: In-Between – and a look at the making of

This is SO good… gorgeous animation and a wonderful little story – about a young woman who tries to overcome her shyness while being followed by a crocodile, made by 5 students at the french school Gobelins L’Ecole de L’Image or Goblins School of the Image, here is the short film In-Between.

Created by:
Alice Bissonnet, Aloyse Desoubries-Binet, Sandrine Hanji Kuang, Juliette Laurent, Sophie Markatatos.
Music by:  
Laurent Courbier

Don’t miss the making of just below the short!

Bonus Feature!
Here a look at some of the making of the short film In-Between…


Alice Bissonnet – research, storyboard, layout, animation.

Sandrine Hanji Kuang – research, character design, animation.

Juliette Laurent – research, storyboard, layout, animation, compositing.

Sophie Markatatos  – research, layout, BG coloring, animation clean-up.