DreamWork’s Jason Schleifer TEDxYouth Talk

Jason Schleifer Head of Character Animation at PDI / DreamWorks Animation, gives a short, fun talk about animation.  Inspirational and informative, plus you get to see some sweeet animation tests from Megamind.  Check it out.

Click the player, and enjoy the video:

Also, you can click here to check out Jason Schleifer’s website for Animator Friendly Rigging


Happy Valentine’s to you and yours.

Here are some fun videos…
Enjoy the videos:
Doug Chang: A very Vimeo Valentine

Kina Grannis: Valentine

Fall Out Boy: The Carpal Tunnel of Love
(Viewer Discretion Is Advised)

Field Notes: Red Blooded

Ben Schwartz: Valentine’s Break Up


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Feeling Creatively Drained?… Let This Letter From Pixar Inspire You

Words of wisdom from the animation industry… KCRW’s The Business, talks about the Animator Letters Project and airs a reading of the ‘Persist’ letter contributed by Pixar animator, Austin Madison, read by Austin himself.


Have a listen:
Pixar Animator, Austin Madison’s Letter- KCRW’s The Business by KCRW

Letter Transcript:

May 17, 2011

To Whom it May Inspire,
   I, like many of you artists out there, constantly shift between two states. The first (and far more preferable of the two) is white-hot, “in the zone” seat-of-the-pants, firing on all cylinders creative mode. This is when you lay your pen down and the ideas pour out like wine from a royal chalice! This happens about 3% of the time.
   The other 97% of the time I am in the frustrated, struggling, office-corner-full-of-crumpled-up-paper mode. The important thing is to slog diligently through this quagmire of discouragement and despair. Put on some audio commentary and listen to the stories of professionals who have been making films for decades going through the same slings and arrows of outrageous production problems.
   In a word: PERSIST.
   PERSIST on telling your story. PERSIST on reaching your audience. PERSIST on staying true to your vision. Remember what Peter Jackson said, “Pain is temporary. Film is forever.” And he of all people should know.
   So next time you hit writer’s block, or your computer crashes and you lose an entire night’s work because you didn’t hit save (always hit save), just remember: you’re never far from that next burst of divine creativity. Work through that 97% of murky abyssmal mediocrity to get to that 3% which everyone will remember you for!
   I guarantee you, the art will be well worth the work!

Your friend and mine,

Austin Madison


Animator Letters Project