Just for fun… Rock,… Paper,… SHOTGUN!…  If Metal Slug, Mario, and Michael Bay had a baby… it would be named BROFORCE!!!

  Checkout this trailer, put together by Kert Gartner, for an insane 2D side-scroller video game, which appears to be big, stupid, fun of the highest order.  In the style of 80’s & 90’s action-movie-hero awesomeness, full of a wide variety of excessive-force featuring such characters as Rambro, Brobocop, Indiana Brones, Chuck Frickin’ Norris, Bronan… you get the picture… Sure to amuse the Bro in everyone, Cape Town indie developers Free Lives and rogue publisher Devolver Digital join forces to bring you BROFORCE!


BROOOOOOOFORRRRRRCE! — Hold down your trigger finger, yelling “‘Murica!” while you apply excessive force:  If you like the trailer, you can play the brototype at:

1 in 5 teens will experiment with art: KNOW THE WARNING SIGNS OF ART!!!

Love this parody ad campaign by Team Detroit, done for Detroit’s College for Creative Studies.

Believe-it-or-not teenagers aren’t stupid.  So when Team Detroit was recruited to create an ad campaign, for the CCS, they decided rather than out-spend the competition, they would out-think them instead.  The result is a pitch-perfect parody of anti-drug PSAs, right down to the overly-dramatic, obviously posed photos of gravely serious family situations.  Hehehe… great fun, done with style and a sense of humor.

Then something unexpected happened:
  “After we created this series of low-tech posters, something amazing happened. They went viral. People started sharing them though blogs, Facebook and Twitter. People chuckled, then passed them along to their friends. Who knew you could blow up the Internet with a campaign full of print material?” — Says Team Detroit

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