Stop-Motion Mayhem! From Brisk!

  For all you stop-motion lovers…  This one is for you…   Lipton’s Brisk Commercials Pepsi’s brand Lipton Brisk Iced Tea has been bringing us stop-motion awesomeness for a number of years now, through some of their commercials and ad campaigns, and  has been one of the biggest users of stop-motion outside of feature films and…


When Bad Mocap Meets Silly Walks

David Lewandowski’s Going to the Store
What happens when bad mocap meets silly walks?  A short, made by David Lewandowski (a.k.a. dlew), for the final episode of “Everything” an anthology series on Channel 101.  Music is Jean Jacques Perrey’s Little Ships.

Click the player, and enjoy the video:

Experience Human Flight

Ever dream of flying? Experience Human Flight Shot for Melbourne Skydive Centre, so you can feel it… Click the player, and enjoy the video: Bonus Feature: The Art of Flight Testing several new V-series wingsuit prototypes around Europe. Click the player, and enjoy the video: EXTRA Bonus Feature: Learn To Fly Experience the feeling of…