ROBERT VALLEY: Pear Cider and Cigarettes

  Robert Valley is one of the most unique and innovative designers working in animation today.   Robert’s distinctive style is all over animation work for the Gorillaz music videos, Nike, Coca-Cola,  Aeon Flux with Peter Chung, The Beatles: Rock Band cinematics, and many others.   Most recently Robert’s work was a buzz as Disney XD’s new animated TV series Tron: Uprising premiered, on which Robert was character designer.  Robert’s style and influence can be seen all over the projects he works on.  He is a leader in the visual field, pioneering visual styles and film-making that push the boundaries of cinematic storytelling.  Now Robert Valley has released an animatic edit for a personal short film that he’s working on called Pear Cider and Cigarettes.  Fans of Valley’s aggressively angular figures and dynamically staged animation will be in for a treat.  Check it out…

(WARNING: Some scenes may not be appropriate for all ages and contain coarse language, and/or violence)

Dance Central
Directed by Robert Valley.

EXTRA Bonus Feature!
THE BEATLES: Rock Band (intro cinematic)
Produced at  Passion Pictures.

EXTRA – EXTRA – Bonus Feature!
GORILLAZ: Feel Good Inc. (music video)
Produced at  Passion Pictures.

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A man wakes to find he is being stocked by sound-effects (foley) artists soundtracking his life.  This fun, award-winning short film was directed by Dublin duo Mike Ahen & Enda Loughman.  Enjoy…

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Winner Best Short Film at the San Francisco United Short Film Festival
Winner Best in Festival at the Fastnet Short Film Festival, Ireland
Winner Best ‘Sound-Scape’ Award from the European Centre for the Arts at Dresden Film Festival, Germany
Winner best film 2010 Short Short Story Film Festival, Rhode Island
Winner Best Musical, Amsterdam Film Festival
Winner Best Film Audience Prize, Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival
Winner of the Metrópolis-Mecal Prize , Barcelona
Winner, best Art direction International Short Film Festival of Cyprus
Golden Méliès Nomination for best European fantastic short film, Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival
Nominated for the LEO at the 24th Braunschweig Int’l Film Festival, Germany


Ryan Woodard: Bottom of the Ninth – Trailer

New from Ryan Woodward, the maker of the mind-blowingly-gorgeous short film Thought Of You, … comes the first issue of his independently produced animated-graphic-novel series Bottom of the Ninth which will be released next month for the iPad and iPhone. Here is a taste of what is to come… it looks awesome.

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For more details, visit

Here is one of Ryan’s sweet animation tests… check it out.

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